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Edo huang Magic Membership

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"The monthly membership is worth it as Edo pour his whole effort to think and create tricks in-depth. He even took the initiative to share and explain about the tricks. I find it important to understand the creativity part of it" @heissodexter

"Edo started off with a nice content. 2 short and sweet tricks, not super hard, but definitely not for starters or super beginners, you need to at least be comfortable with cards, breaks, grips, etc. Edo share a short theory as well, which I feel he should talk more for any of theories subject." @fnd.magic


A close up magician, digital content creator and indonesian's first playing cards designer.

Edo actively share magic trick videos in his social media and has traveled across Asia for his magic lecture tours and here in this membership Edo will share His creative process and His signature routines.

Each month i will share 3 videos that you can watch.

2 of Those videos are tutorial card tricks that are my creations and some of them you probably see it on my instagram @edohuang and almost all of the tricks that i will share on this membership are impromptu and it suitable for all magic level so if you are new here you will not find difficulties of learning my materials.

One more video on the membership gonna be a theory, I will share with you my knowledge on how creating stuffs, solving a problem, combining tricks, creative process and many more. Things that for me that very crucial and important and things that i believe can make you a better performers.

All materials are recorded using smartphones (Edo huang's Iphone X) because i want to be able to record all my materials anytime and anywhere without complicated setup but still prioritize the quality of the videos and the contents that i share.

So please enjoy this Magic Membership and talk to you guys soon!

Edo Huang 

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Edo huang Magic Membership

8 ratings
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